Internal Comms Magazines

British Airways – BA News

Here GPD worked on developing the pitch creative for a new interpretation of British Airways’ long-running internal comms weekly publication distributed across their workforce.

Reorganising the editorial to give it a more lifestyle, newsstand feel with distinct sections, navigation and typography. Whilst still retaining the depth of information – news, campaign and evergreen – the existing publication provided.

Client British Airways
Title BA News
Circulation 45,000
Frequency Weekly – Pitch
Publisher Seven Publishing

Shell – Code of conduct

This was a pitch to update Shell’s code of conduct and align it with the refresh of its brand identity. The existing document was rather drab, authoritarian and draconian, which would have made some readers question their career choice!

We applied their new brand guidelines to a truncated, more inclusive document with a lighter tone to improve this state of affairs.

Client Shell Petroleum
Title Shell Code of Conduct
Circulation 112,000
Frequency Single – Pitch
Publisher Specialist

Westfield – Design and Construction

An Internal Communications mobile app for Westfield Europe’s – Design & Construction Department.

GPD transferred the mobile app onto the latest article-based publishing platform, with a content authoring tool that the client can access anywhere and anytime over the web.

With its content management system (CMS) and entitlements facility, Westfield has complete control – maintaining and updating their app’s content and user access moving forward.

Delivering to Westfield an extremely versatile and flexible communications tool to engage, align and deliver their messaging internally to their workforce and externally to entitled vital stakeholders.

The Institute of Internal Communications – Inspirit

An independent, not-for-profit organisation, a professional body dedicated to promoting a deeper understanding of internal communication IoIC.

They represented more than 1,200 IoIC members, helping them build credibility, skills and knowledge to advance their careers and prove the value that effective communication brings to large and small organisations.

Design and development of their internal comms print publication launch.

Client The Institute of Internal Communications
Title Inspirit
Circulation Quarterly
Frequency Pitch
Publisher Artful Dog

The Training and Development Agency for Schools – Inside Teaching

This was a pitch for a magazine that was required to blend two existing titles, ‘Return to Teaching’ and ‘Teach’.

The snappy editorial needed the content presented in a clearly defined, easily navigable, warm and friendly format.

Client The Training and Development Agency
Title Inside Teaching
Circulation 100,000
Frequency Monthly – Pitch
Publisher Seven Publishing

The Army Benevolant Fund – For Soldiers

The Army Benevolent Fund asked me to develop and produce a new publication that merged its annual report with its corporate fundraising brochure. Two entirely different publications from an editorial perspective, but with the ABF’s robust brand framework, we developed this successful solution, blending personal stories from past and serving soldiers and their families – with the comprehensive information demanded from annual reports – producing a showcase document for the ABF brand.

Client The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF)
Title For Soldiers
Circulation 100,000
Frequency Annual
Publisher The Army Benevolent Fund (ABF)